Do you want to play with me…?
I try to look at the world with a child’s eye. The installation I have created is spinning on an episode where I watched my daughter. One day at school, where none of her closest friends came to meet her, so she wandered right up to a classmate and asked, “Shall we play together?” Time stopped. I felt my fear. That she would get a “no”. That she actually would get no. It struck me that she has to go this her own way, carry her own fear and possible rejection.

“Shall we play together?” For many children a perfectly natural question. They ask their parents, their siblings or other children. As we get older we disguise the question. We do everything so that the answer should not feel so brutal. Not be so hard. In this installation, I want to show the encounter between two figures who might find a connection. Because we never stop wanting someone to play with. When the question is asked the silence feels like an eternity. We are waiting for the only possible (tolerable) response, a “Yes.”

The work process until unveiling of the installation was fragmented, interruption by play, other duties, or just laziness. Friends have visited, gone again. I’ve been thinking about them – and me. Who is at hand, who can be trusted? Who are we in relation to each other? I have built and torn down, added and taken away. I will never be fully done with this work. In play all are unpredictable and incomplete. We build and tear, fix and destroy, fall and get up and play again. I will keep playing. Will you join me?