Hans Gerhard Meier (NO) is an artist working with a wide range of techniques and mediums, his visual approach is often whimsical with a social edge. The process in all his work starts out as experimental ideas where the final result might be a silkscreened poster but just as well could end up as an installation. His work spans from contemporary illustration and graphic pieces to more digital related tools such as animation and video. Combining all these skills opens up the often quirky installation projects.

Hans Gerhard has a background in visual arts and holds a position as assistant professor in Interaction Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Hans Gerhard works out of his studio in Kråkerøy, Norway, as well as his Swedish hide out in Värmland, Sjöglimt.
Download documentation:

Artist Bio (PDF)
Selected projects (PDF, 8 MB)


Following are selected exibits and online presence:

Solo exibitions:
Mixed work– 2014
No13 contemporary
Installation – 2011
Verdensspeilet, Fredrikstad
Silkscreen – 2010
Mucho Mas, Oslo
Silkscreen, solo exhibition – 2006
Lyst, Oslo
Silkscreen, solo exhibition – 2006
Mucho Mas, Oslo
Silkscreen, solo exhibition – 2004

Group exibitions:
Performance – 2013
Video – 2010
Mulvadgaarden, Gml byen, Fr.stad
Silkscreen – 2009
Borregården gallery, Sverige
Silkscreen – 2008
Galleberg gallery
Silkscreen – 2008
DEJM (designer show)
Mixed media & silkscreen – 2007
DEJM (designer show)
Silkscreen – 2004 & 05
DEJM (designer show)
Silkscreen – 2003
Trondheim +
Silkscreen and video – 1998
AAC, final show
San Francisco – 1997

Online presence:
posterboy.no (silkscreen)

Contact info:
Hans Gerhard Meier
+47 98 03 42 48
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